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The Belize Film Commission (BFC) is the national body responsible to attract, encourage and support international film, television and photo shoots to Belize. It pitches Belize as a prime location for filming with new regulations and policies in place to protect and nurture the industry Belize.

"We believe that Belize, with its exquisite and virgin landscape, offers the kind of shooting scenarios that a filmmaker would need to make his film a stunning success," invites Prime Minister Barrow. We welcome your inquiries and stand ready to assist you with making your production a success.

The Film and Media Arts Unit of NICH (FMAU) works along with the Belize Film Commission to develop and grow the national film, video and television industries through capacity building workshops, competitions and the screening of both local and international films year round. Additionally it is always on the lookout for opportunities that will benefit the national industry such as apprenticeships and internships with the international crews. It’s flagship event of the FMAU remains the Belize International Film Festival in July when all these areas merge into one amazing tropical experience.


Belize Film Festival
Traveling Caribbean Film Showcase


Belize Film Commission
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