Terms & Conditions

License to film in Belize is granted under the following terms and conditions:

  1. This license is issued by the Film Commissioner of Belize or any other person authorized by the President of the National Institute of Culture and History (NICH). The license is revocable at the discretion of the Commissioner, President of NICH or authorized person in their absence.
  2. The services of a local Fixer / Production Coordinator have been retained for the length of Applicant’s stay in Belize (minimum); local being defined as a Belizean citizen or legal resident of Belize.
  3. Applicant has provided the Belize Film Commission with copies of all Insurance Policies that cover stay in Belize. If available locally, Applicants should provide copy of a public liability policy held with a local Insurance Company along with an endorsement stating that the policy is being held jointly by the Applicant and the Belize Film Commission.
  4. Project content has been determined to be detrimental to neither the image of the country of Belize nor its’ people.
  5. Payment of a non-refundable processing fee has been made to NICH:
    US$250 for each Film / Video or Still Photography project. A project that includes both print and video outputs is required to pay for both.
  6. Whenever feasible, and having due regard to the extent to which prices are competitive, Applicant is using personnel, equipment and any other service available in Belize.
  7. All non-Belizean personnel associated with the production are to be cleared for working in Belize by the Belize Film Commission with Immigration.
  8. All filming requests to other Belize Government departments or statutory bodies are to be filtered through the Belize Film Commission first.
  9. All Equipment used and all activities associated with filming shall comply with Belize Agricultural Health Authority Act, Firearms Act, and Environmental Protection Act and any other applicable law of Belize.
  10. Applicant will provide the Belize Film Commission with separate location applications for each location to be used during production along with any other required documentation BEFORE filming commences.
  11. Filming activities are to be carried out with consideration for members of the local community at all times (in particular those directly affected by filming activities) and only as stipulated in the location approval (s) by the Belize Film Commission.
  12. Applicant shall observe all the Laws of Belize during their stay in Belize and at the cessation of filming will repair all damage, remove all rubbish and restore the location to its original condition prior to filming and to the satisfaction of Belize Film Commission.
  13. A copy of Belize Film Commission’s License and Location Approval is to be kept on location at all times and made available for inspection upon request.
  14. Recognition/ Acknowledgment should be given to the Belize Film Commission in production credits.
  15. The Belize Film Commission may conduct still photography for promotional use during filming.
  16. The Belize Film Commission may use 7 sec of clips from the final product – after release or initial broadcast to illustrate the use of Belize as a filming location.
  17. One copy of the finished product (e.g. magazine, catalogue, screener) is to be forwarded to the Belize Film Commission for their archives.